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August 01, 2019

Witchcraft in the Church

What do you think of when you hear Witchcraft? For some, the word conjures up childhood images of witches dressed in black with a pointed nose and hat stirring a pot of witch's brew. I can't help but think of the witch in the Wizard of Oz with flying monkeys and a crystal ball.

Regardless of what comes to mind, most of us would never associate witchcraft and the church. However, in this series you will see that Witchcraft is not trying to get into the church, it is already here.

There are no flying monkeys and crystal balls. There are no pointed hats and occult practices. However, the same devil that is behind those things is behind witchcraft in the church, home and nation. This series will address all three areas.

-- Pastor Eric

Posted by Webinator at August 1, 2019 05:14 PM